Alpine Rush
The evolution of mountaineering and human limits.

[ ECAL Diversions ]

This essay is an examination of the mountain landscape during mountaineering evolution. Starting from this activity’s origin, it investigates the shift in technology, mindset, and limits brought to transform a destination of challenging expeditions in a place of settlement and weekend hobbies. How were humans able to overcome their limitations, and what were the motivations for this drive?

Product and objects played an essential role in guiding the story from the old ages to nowadays, making the user and the experience safer and open to the mass.

This research wants to retrace the historical events and technical innovations to understand mountaineering’s evolution in the past, present and imagining the possible future approach to this form of high altitude tourism.

Composed by a Research Volume and an Article pubblication

Thanks: Anniina Koivu, Brynjar Sigurðarson, Archivio Sella, Andrea Cassi, TOM, Alpine Standards
Completed 2021