[ ROBIDA 8 ]

Editorial piece created for Robida ISSUE 8 around the theme of Island.

The story is reported as a lost diary of a castaway starting, along with the visual component, from the island as a simple geographical subject, later expanding its substance and meaning.

"This is a story: true or imaginary, it is not for me to tell you. It is an ambivalent story, because it speaks of places and spaces, of life and death, of islands and the sea, of acceptance and resignation. You can choose whichever version you prefer. You can read it as a shipwreck or as a landing; as a loss or as a finding; looking at the sea or looking at the island."

 An attempt to create a fictitious documentation of an event that did not really happen, to reinforce its reliability and confuse the reader between the verisimilitude of the narrated facts and the actual significance of the island as a place.

Robida is a multilingual cultural magazine. It is published yearly by the association Robida which is based in Topolò, a village of twenty inhabitants on the border between Italy and Slovenia. The magazine explores different topics – such as abandonment, silence, the relation between domesticity and wildness etc. – which are connected to the place where the magazine comes to life, namely Topolò. The seventh issue, the biggest and most complex till now, reflects on the forest which is explored through essays, photography, art projects, academic texts, interviews, personal stories and with a balance between the poetic and the scientific gaze.

Text: Francesca Cassi
Visuals: Alessandro Simone
Final Layout: Francesca Lucchita