I lost my camera
[ Personal Project ]

Losing a camera is never an easy occurrence to process. Navigating from the first feeling of complete loss to accepting the deleted representation of memory. Being forced to shift our habits of how we translate actions.

I collected frames of events constantly through the impression of nostalgic images, converting objective to subjective and creating infinite possible parallelism and realities.
How is it possible to create and save these memories without my old companion? Looking for another tool to remember and enhance my feelings, creating an alternative timeline to back up through 3D and CGI.
The action of translation from event to memory is not done during its performance but just after its end. A few hours later, as also to weeks. Losing details and creating others by the combination of scientific data and wishes.

Fragments of dreams and past mix together to extract the fragility of remembering and how we deform experiences every time we go back to them as part of a continuous mutation.
A contemporary logbook from swiss alps adventures.