Meeting Lands
[ Personal Project ]

At the base of a climbing wall, many things are said lightly, starting with climbing and ending who knows where, but one of them had more substance than the others: “Let’s organize a ski mountaineering tour in Iceland”. One of those phrases that don’t need many words to convince you.

Meeting Land is not a short film in search of extreme athletic gestures or incredible powder in the style of ‘Japow’ (indeed, this year there was very little snow), but a project focused on the links and connections that can be established thanks to a pair of skins and a completely new territory: Iceland. A group of six guys who don’t know each other yet but who, between skis, snowboards, crampons, ropes, and rotten shark meat, are learning how to do it.”

Stills: Alessandro Simone & Matteo Sella

Cinematography: Alessandro Simone

Thanks to: Alice Banfo, Erica di Cerbo, Francesca Cassi, Francesco Longhini, Matteo Sella e la Guida Alpina Luca Blanchet