Simon’s Weather
[ Personal Project ]

Because in the end, two clouds never made the day worse.

Photos that are typically hidden and removed from the collection of holiday snapshots will be projected at the comeback home. These photos became the main subject in Simon’s Weather. In the previous four months, I pursued an archive project about my family’s special power to attract bad weather in any situations and place. Isolating different trips, years, and moments to give them an importance they did not have before. Creating a connection between all of them as a water flow that streams down.

Bad weather and timing became the project’s key research factors in creating a massive selection of these “ruined” grey stills.

Personal, wet, and complex memories that I will try for sure to increase.

Francesco Simone
Anna Ferreri
Alessandro Simone
Giulia Simone

Thanks: Laura Tota & Cedric Widmer

Type Design: Colllettivo