Temporary Shelter
[ ECAL Self Initiated Project ]

A controlled and managed temporary accommodation for mountain landscapes, dedicated to modern activities that nowadays share the same playground with mountaineering but with different goals. A seasonal solution that doesn’t leave any mark in the environment provides a new system for the user’s geographical exploration and independence.
The project is developed around the simplest logistic to reduce work constructions and flights at high altitudes and a reversible installation. It is composed of two modules: the frame and the hardshell fabric tent, both under 40 kilograms to be easily assembled and transported by standard mountain helicopter in a stack of 5-8 modules. An aluminum extruded skeleton allowed to position the shelter with different types of anchors depending on the terrain chosen.

The project was developed on the study case of Valle delle Cime Bianche in Italy, an area that doesn’t get in contact with the Anthropocene (yet. There is a project for connecting Monterosa with Zermatt by cable car). The goal was to try to imagine a different opportunity to explore this area without the creation of permanent infrastructures and diversification from common snow tourism.

Thanks: Sebastian Wrong
Completed: 2021